Pet friendly apartments for rent

Animal lovers are always interested in only pet-friendly apartments. Apartment complexes that do not allow a pet or are not pet-friendly are the ones that are mostly empty. This is why most of the apartment complexes in Virginia have introduced pet-friendly environments while some are also providing relevant amenities such as pet walking services and on-site grooming. This has greatly attracted tenants who love animals and are keen towards petting animals. If you are looking for such an apartment, here’s what you should consider:
Apartment complexes that have pet-friendly policies often impose some rules and costs to keep up the business. These include:

Extra rules

There are multiple rules and regulations mentioned in the lease for tenants with pets. You must read them thoroughly. These rules and regulations often comprise of clauses stating that the pets should not be too noisy. Tenants living in adjacent apartments might feel disturbed and bothered by your pet’s noise. If they file a complaint, you might end up being evicted and charged for the damages if any.

Comparatively higher rent

The apartments that allow pets and relevant amenities often charge higher rent as compared to pet-free tenants. This is because they charge you some extra for meeting the maintenance costs incurred in the process. These charges or extra rent may vary based on the kind of pet you have. For instance, it would be nominal for a little cat but more for a big dog.

Precautionary measures for pet-friendly apartments

There are certain precautionary measures that you must take while renting a pet-friendly apartment. These are mentioned below:

Lease negotiation:

The lease is always negotiable. You can ask your landlord to add or subtract certain clauses from the lease as per your needs. The only thing you need in this regard is the agreement of the landlord to do so. If he is willing to open up negotiations on certain clauses, you are good to go. For example, if you have a cute little poodle as your pet, you may ask the landlord to reduce or eliminate the extra damage deposit or rent increment as poodles are harmless little creatures.

Carefully inspect the apartment:

It’s always recommended to inspect carefully the pet-friendly apartment before you rent it. This is so because there might be damages incurred by a previous renter’s pet that the landlord failed to assess earlier, and you might end up paying for them. So closely observe the apartment and tally it with the landlord.

Inquiring around from other tenants:

It is always recommended that you inquire about pet-related incidents and matters from the tenants who are already living in the pet-friendly apartment complex. The tenants were already living there are familiar with the rules and regulations. They might also know if any pet-related troubling situations rose in the past and what were the consequences. This gives you a pretty clear idea about how the landlord deals with such matters and tenants with pets, and you can take precautionary measures accordingly.