Renting basement apartments

Basement apartments on rent are a good option for living in an affordable budget in places with comparatively high rents. Areas near to colleges, coastal towns and city centers tend to be expensive, and the apartments’ rent is higher in these regions. This is where basement apartments come in handy as their rents a lower. Before you sign up for renting a basement apartment, do consider the following points:

Affordable and intrusion-proof:

Basement apartments of Virginia are the affordable option for those who want to live in safe and secure places. The basement apartments are often considered secure as there are a lot of people living on the ground and higher floors. These apartments provide ultimate privacy as the chances of a roommate are pretty low in these cases. Most of the basement apartments have their separate entrance that enhances the privacy levels. The probability of intrusion or break-ins is quite low for basement apartments. Your possessions and belongings remain safe no matter how long you remain away from your apartment.

Beware of the local rental laws:

Although basement apartments tend to be very secure and affordable, yet there are certain aspects that interested people must be aware of prior to renting these apartments. The rental laws vary from area to area. In some places, it would be okay to rent a basement apartment whereas as the rental laws of some cities restrict the landlords to rent out basement apartments. Make sure that the rental laws of your area allow renting basement apartments, as most landlords ignore the law and rent them out. This does not cause much trouble to the landlords, but it is the renters that usually suffer as a person renting a basement apartment against the law loses his renter’s rights.

You cannot claim anything under renter’s rights if you have rented a basement apartment in an area where renting out basement apartments is not allowed. They are surely secure of intrusion and burglary, but not safe from mold, flooding, and insect infestations and damp. As the basement apartments are lower than the ground level, they are more prone to flooding and insect infestations.

Assess the condition before renting:

Never sign up for a basement apartment on rent without a careful assessment of its condition. Essential elements of assessment of basement apartments are cooling and heating systems. Do look carefully for any mold in the apartment and check if the apartment has any history of being flooded.

Safety measures:

Taking about safety and security, there are numerous other aspects other than an intrusion, burglary, flooding, and mold. Always make sure that your basement apartment has a fully functional smoke alarm along with a carbon monoxide detector. There should be an adequate availability of fire escape. Never sign up for a basement apartment that has no alternative route to escape in case of an emergency.

Sign a lease:

Lastly, no matter what your relation with the landlord is, or how trustworthy you consider him, always rent a basement apartment through lease documentation. The lease is what helps you in case there is any issue or problem between the landlord and the renter regarding the apartment.